Thursday, April 11, 2013

The 'Age of Sail' was the period in which international trade and naval warfare were dominated by sailing ships. This is a significant period during which square-rigged sailing ships carried European settlers to many parts of the world in one of the most important human migrations in recorded history.

The Age of Sail::: A way to start new. To refresh oneself of a tyrannical system. To seek an adventure bigger than themselves. To get away from all that hurts and feel there is something to prove of oneself.

This is where my mind lands on a question. What do we strive for? It's an inner frustration we never relieve and it sinks us to complacency. To compare. To prove.

We become a routine because we don't know what else to do or how to. Or is it that we don't know what we really want? Are we truly honest with ourselves when we say that it's ok to work a dead-end job our whole lives cause benefits are good or we get a raise every month. What are we waiting for...or did we give up?

Where did your hopes go when you were a child and you looked at stars and thought you could touch them? You became bigger than you really were. You had hopes and desires that you thought would lead you through your lifetime. Desires change but that youthful hope is still there.

I say 'we' cause I am guilty of this myself. I'm done with striving and comparing. I'm living in the Age of Sail, living the adventure and loving it, knowing that God knows my desires. Doors will open when the time is right.

Don't get complacent. It's okay to start new. Money isn't everything. Do what you love. what you want.

We have nothing to prove.

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